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“Staging to Stay” or “Staging to Sell”



Ivy Home Staging can help create appealing rooms you’ll be proud to show anyone…..


The process all starts with the “consultation” which is really a working meeting to review your home and make any necessary simple changes at that time, while leaving the more time consuming jobs for another day….

The “consultation” includes but is not limited to:

  • room-to-room evaluations
  • how & what to declutter & depersonalize
  • furniture & accessories arrangement
  • styling book cases and display cabinets / shelves
  • curb appeal & home exterior evaluations
  • colour considerations if required

Other services may include:

  • personalized shopping for accessories
  • sourcing rental furniture and arranging for delivery
  • colour consultations
  • final marketing photos
  • trades referrals
  • current listing photos review & consultation

Contact me at 705-476-6540 to schedule your consultation.



4 thoughts on “Services

  1. Hi Cheryl–I’m Co-Founder of a new Canadian organization called the Canadian Association of Property Stylists (CAPS). Our vision is to connect and support property stylists and related businesses across Canada. We will be launching our national website soon. If you would like to know more about this new and exciting Canadian forum, please let me know. Thank you.


      1. Thank you Cheryl — we’re developing our mailing list now. Could you send me your email so we can include you in the launch of CAPS?
        Judy Darling, Chair-CAPS


  2. Hi Cheryl — We have launched our website and we have a corporate email and a
    FB page. In fact, Kim and I will be doing our 2nd FB Live broadcast at 10am
    (EST) tomorrow (Sept 20). Subject: Member Resources. We hope you will
    join us. Here’s our contact info:

    FB page: Canadian Association of Property Stylists (@Canadian Property

    Judy Darling
    Canadian Association of Property Stylists (CAPS)


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